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Welcome to Ancient Massage / Thai Massage

Welcome to Ancient Massage / Thai Massage

Ancient Massage or Thai Massage is an extraordinary method of aligning the energies of the body, and originates from the time of the Buddha. (Kathmandu, 31 January 1998)

Nuad Phaen Boran as is it called in Thailand, correctly translates only as Ancient Massage or Traditional Massage. More widely known today as Thai Massage, it is also often called Traditional Thai Massage, Ancient Thai Massage and occasionally Yoga Massage or Thai Yoga. In our web pages, we wanted to use only Ancient Massage to be faithful to the original appellation but had to change our mind and also use Thai Massage. If we did not use the words "Thai Massage", who would have found us and the information we wanted to share with students, researchers and practitioners of this art.(Kathmandu, 19 August 2000)

The Healing Hands Center is dedicated to offering hands-on training in the art of Ancient Massage or Thai Massage.(Kathmandu, 1 October 2001)

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